La Espectacular, our mix and our sound :

Salsa Music is a cultural expresión with different origins that has evolved in the world thanks to the different migrations process that existed between Africa and Latin America. 

La Espectacular this mix of culture is binded in the DNA of the group as in this band there are people with different origins including, France, Morocco, Japan, Venezuela and Peru

Our Original songs bring to the world a distinctive sound which has been constructed over the years thanks to the contribution of various musicians.




The band was born from the passion for Salsa Music from its pianist and Director Douglas Isea whom when arrived to France, wished to show latin-american musical expressions in Europe. 

This orchestra unites music with the passion for the music and the will of creating an unique sound characterized by the mix with differents kinds of music like classic, jazz, oriental and japanse influences.


The device of La Espectacular is

« Elegance, originality and quality ».

Son, Guaracha, Cha Cha cha, Rumba are some of the rythmes La Espectacular brings to the public.